Me waiting for the plane.

Eric E. Dunn is an accomplished artist and animator who has recently relocated to New York City.  Eric has worked in television (Futurama, The Simpsons), as well as film.  He has also done cover and interior illustration work for books and magazines.  

Eric’s work is known for expressing his unique eye for detail and composition, as well as themes dear to his heart as a member of the Navajo Nation.  

His watercolor work often conveys a relationship with nature, be it a spray of birds-of-paradise looking about to take flight or a stately natural mesa defiantly glowing at dusk.  His eye for detail and love of nature are explored in these paintings.  He enjoys the rush that comes with experiencing the natural world, be it the movement and excitement of snowboarding or the electricity of summer thunderstorms.  

In his spare time, Eric can be found swimming, snowboarding, exploring new regions and doing anything related to trains.  

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